Cipele visoke ženske - Prigorje i Međimurje
Women's high shoes - Prigorje and Međimurje
Sandale ženske
Women's sandals




Kruh Vuk d.o.o., the production of the opanak footwear and other leather products is a tradition of the Kruh Vuk family, a family dating all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century.  Grandfather Slavko started the business in Ivanić-Grad, which his son Josip later inherited.

Today, the whole family is in the business.

In this traditional familial production, leather products are made exclusively on demand for various cultural arts societies in Croatia and, even more so, all over the world.

Besides the opanak footwear, other traditional leather products for folk costumes are made, such as boots or belts. In recent times, the company started to cooperate with the fashion industry, producing leather footwear based on the ideas of popular fashion designers.


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Kruh Vuk d.o.o.